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In today's bustling rush full time, when a man has no time to relax is nice to have a piece of nature at home, which brings a feeling of peace, an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation.


This piece of nature can be aquarium, which is a nice decoration only, if it looks really good and just the aquarium I offer you. Complete, the entire aquarium, including the cover, table and background is produced by myself so, it is possible to maximally adjust to your requirements and to match your interior. If there is opportunity aquarium can be built into the wall as a transparent tank. It's very tasteful and interesting ways to partition two rooms and not lose no meter floor area, which is an advantage especially in the smaller residential areas. Nice aquarium is often attraction in restaurants, cafes, hotels, businesses or other establishments where the atmosphere is completed by the welfare and peace. In case of  interested, contact me with your requirements under I will make a  provisional offer price.

My work can be viewed in the gallery: Established aquariums.